LT1/LT4 Intake Distributor Modification
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I sent a LT1 intake to a company to get the modification done.

When I got it back, I installed it on my spare motor, the hole a just a tad bit too far to the right. and the distributor was rubbing against the intake. So I decided to do my own. I only wish I had taken pics along the way of the process.

Picture of the LT1 intake with hole done by someone else.

The hole is just drilled then an angled aluminum disc is screwed down, and a screw with 7 washers to get desired height for the distributor hold down.

I started with a new GMPP LT4 intake

This intake is made by GM to convert the fuel injection LT4, to a carb with a distributor Part # 24502574. So I took all the dimensions I needed.

LT4 intake on my 396 Stroker.

This is the intake I will be using for my dist hole mod. Notice no hole where a distributor would go.

LT4 intake with Distributor Hole Mod

Here is the intake. I just got it back from getting it powder coated again. I put the intake on the Bridgeport and machined the surface flat and machined the clearances I needed on the back of the intake. Then I took a 1/2" piece of aluminum and had it welded to the back of the intake to get the height I needed. Also at that time I had the EGR holes and stud holes welded shut.

New intake

Once it came back from the welder i put it back on the milling machine and machined the correct height and angle of where the distributor is supposed to be.

Making sure it fits

I had to make sure everything fit right, so here is a pic of the intake on the spare LT1.

Fits like a glove

I'm using a MSD Distributor part #8570. looks real good with a red cap.

In the car.

Finally in the car, had to cut and make new wires. it fits in there nicely plenty of room.

Another angle and closer look

It was a bit of a pain to get the distributor in since its under the cowl.

Even Closer..

Look at how much room is still left to the top of the cowl.

Had to make new wires.
I had to get a new set of MSD cut to length wires and I had to make little brackets to hold the wires away from the headers. You can buy some wire hold downs but the ones they make mount to the valve cover and I wanted that area to stay with a clean look.
Pic of Ignition Box

Coming soon

pic of coil

coming soon

Pic of F.A.S.T system

F.A.S.T. engine management system made this possible, can't run a distributor with the factory computer. Pic coming soon of it mounted in the passenger side kick panel.